SCOPE (Suncoast Cooloola Outreach Prevention and Education) has been established to reduce the occurrence and impact of domestic and family violence, from Caloundra to Gympie and the Hinterland.

Services include:
  • Outreach counselling, information and referral
  • Domestic and family violence court support
  • Community education and awareness
  • Counselling for adults
  • Women on the Move - group work for women affected by domestic and family violence
  • Safety Upgrades Program



1800 811 811


In QLD, Family Violence is defined by the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012. Violence is any behaviour, which causes physical, emotional, financial, sexual or psychological harm or causes a person to live in fear.
Domestic and Family violence includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Physical violence including hitting, pushing, spitting, using weapons, being thrown against walls
  • Emotional and verbal abuse including comments and behaviour that make you feel worthless like put downs, shouting and sulking
  • Sexual abuse including rape and any forced or unwanted sexual contact
  • Financial abuse can include controlling and withholding money or not allowing a say in how money is spent
  • Social abuse includes cutting you off from family and friends, making you account for everything you do, embarrassing you and keeping you from earning your own money
  • Intimidation using body size or movement, coercion and threats e.g. to injure or kill self or family members with family members in the car
  • Stalking behaviour, includes constant following or contacting by phone, text, email etc.
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Damage to property, includes breaking or threats to break household or personal goods
  • Technology abuse, includes hacking into email or social network account (facebook), posting online abusive statements or images without consent, using GPS tracking devised etc.


Domestic and family violence is about the misuse of power. It occurs when one person in a relationship uses violence and abuse to dominate the other person in any way.

You are not alone

  • You are not to blame for your partner's violence
  • You have the right to be safe
  • You have a right to a life free of violence
  • Incidents of domestic and family violence are not always reported
  • Children suffer deep emotional harm when domestic and family violence is part of their life
  • Children are very good at detecting tension and fear between the people important to them


Employment vacancies will be advertised on the Archdioceses Website and on QCOSS

Applicants MUST address all essential criteria.

Regional Domestic & Family Violence Service is Managed by:

Centacare Family and Community Services, Maroochydore
Workers are available at: Maroochydore, Nambour, Caloundra and Gympie

Contact Details

Centacare CFCS / SCOPE 21
PO Box 5350, Maroochydore BC, QLD 4558

Phone: 07 5430 9300
Fax: 07 5430 9399

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Call SCOPE: (07) 5430 9300

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